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The mummified heart is said to be that of vampire Auguste Delagrance, responsible for the deaths of more than forty people back in the 1900, a period of vampirism in the USA. When he was identified, Delagrance was hunted down by a Romano Catholic priest and a Voodoo Hougan, and was destroyed in 1912. (x)

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Break Away

Take take take 
The tinker plays.
Chisels, cuts, chips away.
The pieces that are meant to stay. 
Won’t you leave me be?

Take take take
That smile hides,
an evil and most sinister side.
A black that resides,
in the heart and in the mind. 
I thought in you I could confide. 
I was mistaken.

Take take take 
A day will come,
when all is said and done,
the hounds that nip will have won.
They claim their prize.
My spark.

I am now a shell of what I was.
To lose the game is no big loss,
but to lose ones self is a tragedy. 
And now I wander, blunder farther,
then can be remembered,
for I’m a bother.
Please pay no mind to the worthless child.
He is lost in the wild.
He looks for the fairy to lead him home.
But she will not.
The unloved are not wanted.